Aims & Objectives

SportsKidz is committed to the concept of 'Training for Life ' through encouraging and developing kids of all abilities in a wide variety of sporting activities. SportKidz also helps kids' personal development in areas of self-confidence, communication skills, teamwork and other life skills that will help the children in the future. Fundamentally , your child does not need to be into sports to enjoy SportsKidz.



SportKidz is open to children aged between 3 and 16. The kids between 3 and 5 will participate in physical activities for one and a half hours. Kids aged 6 and over will be split up into three age groups and will attend weekly classes for a three hour period in three core subjects - An hour of Traditional Team Sports, an hour of Individual Sports and an hour of Team Building Activities. The school year is divided into three academic terms running concurrently with the normal academic year. In the first year alone, students will be introduced to 18 different sports plus weekly themed Team Building Activities. Traditional Team sports including Handball, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Netball, Tag Rugby, Hockey and Kwiik Cricket are taught in three to five week modules as are our exciting individual sports which include Gymnastics, Athletics, Martial Arts, Badminton, Golf and Tennis. Through individual sports, kids experience a very personal sense of achievement and satisfaction. With regards to team building activities, SportKidz has developed a unique combination of exciting activities to encourage children to develop their communication, confidence, leadership and team skills. The enormous fun of the team activities masks their great effectiveness in teaching numerous life skills such as trust, cooperation, problem solving and listening.

•  18 sports and Weekly Team Activities 

•  Loads of fun and games for kids aged 3 to 16 years

•  Kids participate in 3 age groups, with classes capped at 17 pupils

•  One and a half hours of physical activity for kids ages 3 to 5

•  Three hours of varied activity for kids ages 6 to16 to develop fitness and confidence

•  Our students are encouraged to enjoy playing as part of a team

•  Open to all children of all abilities

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