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Mini Squad

3-5 Years
Toddlers and preschoolers may be beginning to get the hang of many basic movements but are too young for most organized sports. At these ages, children are learning about their bodies and how to control them, so best is to provide play and movement games that include basic skills such as...
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Early Squad

6-8 Years
As children get older their vision, ability to concentrate for extended periods of time, attention spans and traditional skills improve. They're also better able to follow directions, develop and improve eye-hand coordination, improve balance and begin to understand and follow rules. For...
Junior Squad malta, SportsKidz malta

Junior Squad

9-11 Years
A this age, children have mature vision and the ability to understand and recall sports strategies. They will be able to maintain a dribble with hands or feet and control a ball using a variety of body parts. By this age they will be able to use either hand or foot with competency and have well...
Senior Squad malta, SportsKidz malta

Senior Squad

12+ Years
When kids reach this age group, they are able to throw or kick a ball with accuracy and for distance. They are able to hand or foot dribble a ball while keeping an opponent from stealing it. Children of these ages will also understand that skill improvement requires input of practice time and...